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Mundan Special Tshirt 3

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  • Cotton half sleeve Tshirt
  • 100% safe for Kids
  • Mundan Special Tshirt for little baby and Kids
  • Personalized Tshirt
  • Print: “ My First Haircut ” text on the Tshirt
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  • Celebrate the First Mundan of baby  with a personalized baby Mundan Special  T-shirt written : “My 1st Haircut
  • We have created a personalized t-shirt for your baby. This is the perfect baby T-shirt  for Mundan.
  • Who doesn’t wants to personalize for their Lil ones first  As it is the first special occasion of their life
  • Soft and comfortable Cute Baby T-shirt and Baby rompers for the age group of (0-to-12) months to 1 to 2 years.
  • As well as cozy sleep and relaxed day at home.
  • Which can be customized and personalize as per your wish and the occasion.
  • Click the Instagram and Facebook-worthy pictures to post on this special event of New Year.
  • You can even add their name to the back to give it a personalized New year 2020 Baby Romper.
  • Customize Knitroot onesies/Tees with your little one’s names and make the occasion special
  • Capture the memories of his/ her first new year forever!
  • Try our personalized tees for your kids with their name mentioned in it so that you can cherish that day in your whole life.
  • Try the latest Happy New year 2020 and Happy Christmas Day T-shirt for your baby.
  • Our most sold items of baby rompers are Papa Shoulder’s Baby Rompers, Birthday baby rompers, Bunny Cape Baby Rompers, Mickey Mouse Baby Rompers,  Boos Baby RompersMundan T-shirts, and wedding collection Onesies, Half Birthday
  • Knitroot- Providing exactly what you want!
  • You desire we create!

1 review for Mundan Special Tshirt 3

  1. Arpita

    I love the design

    • knitroot

      Thank You !!!!

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