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My Hero Birthday Baby Onesies


  • Cotton half sleeve onesies for a small baby.
  • 100% safe for baby .baby under 1 year can use it.
  • Personalized onesies.
  • Package contains 1 White color baby onesies.
  • Print: “Happy Birthday My Hero Love  Baby name ” text on the onesies.


  • Soft and comfortable personalized baby Onesies and Baby rompers for the age group of (0-to-12) months.
  • As well as cozy sleep and relaxed day at home.
  • Which can be customized and personalize as per your wish and the occasion.
  • Dads are always superman to your baby’s, & on their mind, he always will be.
  • Make him feel like one by getting our Personalized Baby Onesie with a print of “Happy Birthday My Hero”
  • Personalized it with your baby’s name to make it nearer to your heart and make memories.
  • Make every milestone count for your little ones!
  • Birthdays are the perfect reason to celebrate! Make the occasion special with knitroot.
  • Birthday special baby onesies and you can even add their name to the back to give it a personalized touch.
  • Our most sold items of Onesies are superman onesies, Dad onesies, and Micky mouse Onesie.
  • We have our special wedding collection Onesies to make Instagram worthy pictures & memories much more.

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