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Raksha Bandhan -11


  • Cotton half sleeve romper for a small baby.
  • 100% safe for baby.
  • Baby under 1 year can use it.
  • Personalized romper
  • Package contains 1 baby romper.
  • Print: “ I can’t keep calm ” text on the romper.
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  • Brother Sister bond is very unique than any other bond Rakshabandhan baby boy clothes
  • They’ll fight like the biggest enemy but they protect and love each other like the best friends
  • Raksha Bandhan is the one day where siblings sweet and sour relationship gets to show how much they love each other.
  • Make your sibling happy and feel loved with Knitroots Rakshabandhan baby boy clothes!
  • It’s the most innovative way to make the event special
  • Click the Instagram and Facebook-worthy pictures to post on this special event of Raksha Bandhan as it’s said “Ek hazaro me meri behna hai”
  • It’s time to make her feel that how special she is for her brother, also the t-shirts for brothers out there saying “my sister has the smartest brother” and more.
  • It’s not only the t-shirt it’s the gift of memories which will be treasured for the whole life!
  • Get in touch with us for all the customization on onesies/romper and T-shirt for your little babies.
  • Make every milestone count for your little ones! Raksha Bandhan is the perfect reason to celebrate!
  • Make the occasion special with knitroot’s special Raksha Bandhan children t-shirts onesie/romper
  • And you can even add their name to the back to give it a personalized T-shirt and Onesies/ Rompers
  • We specialize in creating the most quirky Kids T-shirts and Romper to make every occasion for your little one special.
  • Get our Raksha Bandhan kid’s tee, onesies and romper to personalize it with your baby’s name & make it forever memorable.
  • Bestsellers are Pre School, First Birthday, Half Birthday, Mundan Ceremony, Cricket Collection


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